Paper weaving

Paper weaving: continuing on with the paper as fiber theme . UPDATE: The photographer is Michelangelo di Battista and the paper weaving is by Jennifer Berning: Hat tip: FFFFOUND!

Leisa Rich Swap Meet detail 4 - interaction art - viewer can remove and change up any panel of choice, thereby morphing the piece into multiple configurations - interesting concept

Anita Bruce - Fine Art Textiles

Exhibitions, Projects and Media - with a background in both the life sciences and textile arts, Anita explores the boundaries between the arts and science, particularly with reference to biodiversity.

" even jesus looks like he doesn't know how to be gracious and say thanks for this christmas jumper , freaky yarn bombs that are only funny to the ones not wearing them <<>> Men's Knitwear <<><>> <<>> Joana Vascencelos <<>>

Sculptural Fashion - cocoon dress with soft billowing silhouette; 3D fashion; wearable art // Nathalie McCubbin

graduate COLLection

Justin Bartels, Impression   ‘The series focuses on the clothing that women think they should wear, or are told what to wear, to impress someone in a sexual manner. There is a physical mark that is left from these clothes, showing the discomfort women go through.’

LGBT/Lifestyle (IMPRESSION Series showcasing what women go through to attract, shows the actual imprints left on their skin from the binding apparel they wear


HALLOWEEN Pink Zapotec Mask, hand-made embroidery on shot silk by David Gremard Romero

To and Fro by Ainsley Hillard, represented by Ruthin Craft Centre

Ainsley Hillard, To and Fro, viscose weft, monofilament warp and acrylic courtesy of Ruthin Craft Centre