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Green tiled bathroom with rolltop bath

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Vegvisir compass tattoo. Vegvisir means "direction sign" or "see the way". This charm helps prevent one from getting lost. It is a "brun rune" or sea charm.

A hall with walls in Oval Room Blue, Cornforth White and Brinjal Estate Emulsion with woodwork in Wimborne White Estate Eggshell.

Lounge with walls in India Yellow Casein Distemper, shelving unit in Mahogany Dead Flat and trim in Old White Dead Flat.

A nautical compass is so mysterious wonderful; so many places to turn go see. Charting a new course every which way. How exciting!

Gray bathroom 'Perfect sanctuary' Retro Metro Holland Park tiles + slate floor + Geo square basins + Logic built-in tub via Fired Earth Inspiration online brochure