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an image of a painting that looks like it is in the air with clouds above
Into the Garden
Landscape painting by artist Mary Benson of a garden sky with an abstract sweeping sky with stained glass inspired shapes and impressionist brushstrokes.
a painting of a pink flower with green leaves
Shaune Rogatschnig’s Instagram profile post: “Delivered and settled in with a wonderful family in Hamburg. Yes you know who you are. Thank you for your regular support and enthusiasm…”
the complementary shades of pink and orange are shown in this color scheme, which is very similar to each other
three paintings hang on the wall in an art gallery with wooden table and chairs around them
New Works | 1 July - 18 September 2020 - Installation Views
many different colored paintings are on the table
The abstract colour-block artworks from Jackie Anderson - Style Curator
an abstract painting hangs on the wall in front of a white room with green flooring
„Ein neuer Himmel“ by katharina santl
the kitchen is clean and ready to be used as a place for cooking or eating
a painting hanging on the wall above a pink bench in a room with striped rugs
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