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It comes as no surprise that the three headed hound belongs to Rubeus Hagrid who is renowned as having a penchant for collecting dangerous beasties. When being verbally grilled by the three young wizards, Hagrid boasts about how he acquired the guard-dog from a “Greek chappie” he met in the pub. It then becomes clear that Fluffy is intended to be Cerberus of Greek Mythology – the three headed dog which guards the gates of the Underworld. (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone)

Why would Hades sell Cerberus?<--- because after the Hercules incident, and then again with Percy Jackson, he decided that maybe a giant, three headed hellhound wasn't as reliable a guard dog as he thought.

Remington Tactical 870 Shotgun

Remington Tactical 870 Shotgun w/ rifle sights, full length rail (warhammer I think) surefire red laser/light magpul AFG forend ON the rail pump/forend, rail side covers on the forend , a red dot scope on top and , of course a side saddle.