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This interesting cartoon from 1932 shows Hitler in his dressing room. Looking at Caesar, Mussolini, Bismark and Napoleon, Hitler deliberates about his style.

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New blog post: As the Egyptian political situation took on a new twist, the newspapers' cartoonists seemed to be thinking along the exact same lines.

Fat Cats in Striped Suits, Martin Rowson's take on the city in 2010 and three years later during the Cyrpiot crisis.

David Miliband resigns as an MP, 27 March 2013 - At the end of March 2013, David Miliband stood down as Member of Parliament for South Shields. His resignation was somewhat of a surprise; however since the election of his brother Ed as Labour leader ahead of him, the surprise was somewhat muted.

This cartoon appeared in the Print edition of The Economist on 23 March. At the time, the beleaguered Mediterranean nation was about a week into a situation which had shaken Europe in yet another financial crisis as a member state reached near bankruptcy.

From Punch, to mark the passing of Baroness Thatcher, second blog post reflecting the powerful nature of the first female PM of the UK.