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When stopping at a red light, hit the brakes before reaching the line. This way, you will not be in the way of other cars driving on the road. #ForgetMeNot

When driving, make sure you adjust the car seat's head rest at your head level instead of your neck. This reduces the onset of back and neck pains.#ForgetMeNot

Pushing a fuel-empty car on the roads can never be pleasant. Always check your fuel tank before starting a journey. #ForgetMeNot

Using a car contributes heavily towards polluting the environment. This, however, can be reduced to some extent by renewing your PUC periodically. #ForgetMeNot

The attraction to our cultural heritage depends on how they are maintained. Preserve the authenticity of the monuments .#ForgetMeNot

There are times when the pillion rider's helmet may collide with that of the driver's. This can be prevented with a smoother transition #ForgetMeNot

Wearing alpine ear plugs can prevent ear damage while driving. These plugs filter the damaging tones, but let you still hear the sound of engines and sirens #ForgetMeNot

Bikes and cars don’t need much time to start up. Turn off the engine, if your vehicle is going to be stationery for more than 30 seconds. #ForgetMeNot

Never underestimate the use of a side mirror while driving. These come in handy when driving on crowded roads. #ForgetMeNot

Karnala Bird Sanctuary is a haven for nature lovers during the monsoon. Experience an entire range of bird species this weekend #ForgetMeNot