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Please don't honk just because you are bored/angry/stressed/whatever! #NoiseAnnoys

Long term exposure to loud noise such as honking can be damaging to health in multiple ways. #HornNotOKPlease

The consequences of unnecessary honking can be disastrous to the eco-system as smaller animals are badly affected by loud noises. Be a responsible driver, #HornNotOKPlease.

Unnecessary honking causes noise pollution, which is damaging to human and animal health alike. #HornNotOKPlease

Health damage begins at 75 db, hearing damage at 90 db and permanent loss of hearing at 120 db. Say 'No' to unnecessary honking.

Festivals are meant to arouse the inner consciousness and NOT the inner monster! Loud music at the cost of someone else's sanity did no one any good so far. So learn from the Gods on how to be compassionate and tone that loudspeaker down because #NoiseAnnoys

Dear adults, work hard and party harder seems to be the new age mantra. But please for us who are trying to start a career, don't make it 'impossible' to study by blaring those speakers. #NoiseAnnoys

First you encroach the public place making it difficult for us to walk, then you yell at the top of your lungs somehow managing to invade our personal space. We get you are trying to make a sale here, but come on! Shut up! #NoiseAnnoys

May be the construction noise you keep hearing all day at work is the culprit. If only they could noise-proof their tools & discard outdated equipment, we could get a sound sleep. #NoiseAnnoys