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This will be dedicated to the aesthetics of solarpunk as it could appear around the world.
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小水力発電で低炭素社会づくり ”Making a low-carbon economy with small hydroelectric production”

011: "Le carré rouge" by Claudie Arseneault

The First Seed May 22, 2012. Quartier des spectacles, Montréal. A hundred days of strike. A thick crowd packed the Place des arts, milling about, waiting for the manif to start. Not an inch of free space on the stairs in front of the slick architectural buildings, the long grass lane on its side, or the streets around. How many of us had gathered today? A hundred thousand? Media would say ten thousand tomorrow, but I knew better. We spread in every direction, tentacles of protesters…


A never ending series of astronomical illustrations for a poetry book that highlights the fact that we are all 93 percent stardust. To be updated monthly.

ways to fold fabric gift wrap

写真・図版 羊が草をはむ土地に広がる太陽光パネル群。遠くに風力発電の風車も見える=2011年6月、ドイツ北部北フリースラント郡 The sheep eats grass and spreads out over a solar power farm. You can also see a wind farm nearby = June 2011, Friesland, Germany

What Is Dark Ecology?

水車復元と小水力発電のご紹介A water-wheel in Tatsuno, Nagano.

長野県大町市 くるくるエコプロジェクトの水車(水力発電) A hydroelectric eco-project in Omachi, Nagano.

螺旋型小水力発電機「ピコピカ」 - 団塊太郎の徒然草 Pico-pika in use