Transfert de noix avec pince à spaghettis (PS/MS Nathaliell)

Transfert de noix avec pince à spaghettis (PS/MS Nathaliell)

dino poten kan als werkactiviteit bij bijv. gruffalo

tissue box dinosaur feet

Stomp out summer boredom with these monster feet made inexpensively! tissue box monster feet - craft for kids to make at monster bash

Gruffalo story retelling wheel

Storywheels - extension for storyboarding. Found in "Story Explorers" area for games and activities related to popular children's picture books and traditional tales.

When the Gruffalo & friends came to school! - footprints, numeracy,  measurement, non-standard measure, creative, maths, EYFS, Gruffalo. (Just done with cardboard cut outs of the characters footprints and baby talc sprinkled around them)

Print these footprints around the classroom - who is it? What clues do we have?

Bear Claw Cookies - I added clove and cinnamon. Kind of tasted like spiced brownies.

Chocolate Bear Paws for a "Brave" Birthday Party! Yummy and fun! Maybe an idea for Peyton's next birthday.

voetsporen maken en onderzoeken

voetsporen maken en onderzoeken

Tell your own Gruffalo story with these quirky little gloves!

COSTUME - Makeover some inexpensive gloves by stitching on some felt fingernails. You could do this with "french manicure" felt nails for a little girl's winter gloves.