Soniya Sharma

Soniya Sharma

Soniya Sharma is a Wisdom Coach for kids and teens
Soniya Sharma
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FREE New Year Vision Board Bullet Journal Printable

I created this new year vision board bullet journal printable as a reminder to myself of all the things that I already accomplished this year and all.

Coaching vs Mentoring Infographic -

The Coaching vs Mentoring: Spot the Difference infographic shows how coaching and mentoring can be used in the most effective way. The children's graphics get your attention .

Procrastination & time wasters. Excuses for not getting things gone. Increases life pressures, stress & anxiety.

Procrastination, time wasters, and excuses for not getting things done increase life pressures, stress, & anxiety and are stealers of joy.

For some reasons things like this always show up exactly when I need them to

a great reference for characters recovering from say the climax of the book, trauma, a character death, ect.


I am an INFJ and so it's very interesting to see who else is. I also love that Daniel Day Lewis is too! Chances are, your personality is similar to one of the sixteen types defined by Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers.

What Each Myers-Briggs Type Is Actually Searching For

What each M-B type is searching for. INTPs are searching for ways to be understood by those around them

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Manage your stress from multiple angles and you have a better chance of preventing it from creeping up on you. This chart breaks down ways to manage stress and live a healthier life.