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Likhit Teja

winners don't do different things they do things differently
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Even as mobile phones have changed dramatically in their functionality, their form has stayed mostly unchanged. They are still the small, handheld gadgets with a single screen that they have been for years. What if we moved beyond the traditional form toward a whole new shape of mobile phones? Designers Wenhing Chu

On-the-spot paper medical sensors are already used for a few applications such as pregnancy tests, but there is so much more that can be done with these low-cost tests. A team of chemists at the University of Texas at Austin has made significant strides in this field by developing a 3D paper sensor that can [...]

Every once in a while, a material comes along that is so useful researchers have to dig for years to uncover all of its uses. Graphene is one of those materials

Turn Signal Gloves for Bike Riders

Will we one day be able to print anything and everything we need? 3D printers have been used in architectural schools for quite some time already (and self-replicating home models are becoming more and more common), a 3D food printer is under development, and now several sources are working on 3D bio-printers: machines that will [...]

The computer system would allow humans to interact with digital content in intuitive ways that were never before possible. The system features a transparent LED display and multiple cameras that track eye and hand movements. Users’ hands go behind the transparent screen to use the keyboard and navigate as usual. But thanks to the cameras, the user can also reach up to “grab” perspective-corrected 3D graphics.

AN ANATOLIAN POTTERY MUG Circa 1800-1600 B.C. In the form of a cat head, naturalistically rendered with erect ears, small circular eyes and a projecting muzzle, concave on the interior, a loop handle at the side 4¼ in. (10.8 cm.) long