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an apple and cheese sandwich on a plate next to a bowl of french fries in the shape of a heart
Kid : Can we order McDonalds ? Mom: We have McD at home "McD at home" - Funny
Le plus réconfortant de tous les plats 🤤
Pancakes soufflés fourrés
Rouleaux pizza 🍕
La vraie recette d'eau détox - OWARI 🔥✨
Wrap thon avocat 🥑 recette rapide et healthy
Food Back
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Yummy potato recipe
This made me say WOW
Blueberry Yogurt Clusters! A healthy treat that’s high in protein and so easy to make! You only need 4 ingredients to make them so they’re perfect for a quick snack 🥰 All you need are: Blueberries Greek yogurt (or vegan yogurt) Dark chocolate Lemon zest (optional but highly recommend 🥰) ** Tip - Be very fast when dipping the clusters into the melted chocolate as they melt straight away due to the heat.
KitKat yummy and delicious cheesecake
Churro Bites | Dessert Recipes | Easy Baking Recipes | Yummy Food
This Strawberry Tanghulu is so sweet and crunchy
Pâtes crémeuses à la sauce tomate et mozzarella
Recette de mochi ~avec farine~🤍🤍
#aethetic #food #aethetice #soft #yummy #<3
Easy Churros
Recette Starbucks
Wrap au poulet