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a mushroom sitting on top of a moss covered wall
three mushrooms are growing on the ground near a tree
a mushroom is sitting on the ground surrounded by leaves
a green caterpillar sitting on top of a leaf next to someone's legs
two green caterpillars sitting on the end of a human's finger
a grassy hill with a tree on top
a stream running through a lush green hillside covered in purple and yellow wildflowers
a person holding a small bird nest in their hand
looking up at the tops of trees in a forest with bright green leaves on them
picnic tables and umbrellas on the side of a river
an empty road in the middle of a field with trees on both sides and blue sky above
a pink flower in the middle of a green field with blue sky and clouds behind it
a small pink flower with green stems in the foreground and blurry grass in the background
a field full of wildflowers and grass with trees in the background
a small purple flower sitting on top of a green plant next to a person's hand