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Absolutely Fabulous Tulip Collection

Mind-blowingly fantastic, these tulips are NOT shrinking violets, but sock-it-to-you colours and flower forms – absolutely fabulous!

Magical Outdoor Garden Festival Wedding

Boquet Colourful Flowers Bride Bridal Magical Outdoor Garden Festival Wedding

Autumn Country Farm Barn Wedding in Ohio

Colourful Bouquet White Peach Pink Purple Blue Roses Poppies Bride Bridal Flowers Lace Dress Country Farm Barn Wedding Ohio

White Allium Collection

Of course many alliums are purple, but the white ones are magnificent too, particularly these clear whites which flower in succession, starting with cowanii in April, and 'Graceful' and nigrum in June.

Convallaria majalis (Lily of the Valley)

Lily of the Valley growing wild and filling the air with their extraordinary perfume is an extraordinary sight. If you find these convallaria the right spot, they'll live there happily forever.

9 Stylish Summer Table Plan Ideas For Your Big Day

[tps_header]When it comes to affordable wedding decor ideas, nothing beats good old kraft paper. Kraft paper is a must in décor for every party and of course for weddings too! Use it as a table runner or placemats – i...

Brighten Up Some Shade Tulip Collection

We trialled lots of tulips in the garden last spring and this combination of ivory, primrose, gold and crimson stole the show. Includes ‘Gavota’, ‘Trés Chic’, ‘Yellow Appledorn’ and ‘World Friendship’.

Sarah's Favourite Tulip Collection

A return to an excellent collection we did five years ago and I still love it - the two winners in our dark-flowered tulip trial in contrast to the highly scented and incredible Tulip 'Comet'.

Calendula, Cerinthe and Euphorbia SPECIAL OFFER

Grow these together to create a stunning array of deep orange, silver, purple and acid green flowers. This collection contains Calendula officinalis 'Indian Prince', Cerinthe major 'Purpurascens' and Euphorbia oblongata.