Making Faces. Loose parts in the finger gym.

Provide children with large cork circles and baskets of looseparts. Another fun twist would be to use mirrors or metal trays instead of cork circles.

Printable CVC Words - fill in the missing final sounds. 26 cards part of a CVC printable activity pack

Printable CVC Words Bundle Activity Pack

The Printable CVC Words Bundle Activity Pack includes 8 different CVC word activities that are developmental.

Number snakes from Rachel (",)

Snakes, Worms & Bugs

A few activities related to snakes, worms & bugs in the early years classroom from Rachel (",)

funky fingers. finger gym. fine motor skills. Colour code piggy bank

Button Sorting Cups - What a brilliant idea for your toddler/preschooler! Adding this to our collection of activities to promote fine-motor skills and color recognition! ≈≈ Great idea for a busy bag party

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ELA EPA // letter of the day display // Jolly Phonics interactive display Roll and write letter Write in the sand Write on the whiteboard Sort the sound

Fun way to practice facts- math center?

Learning numbers, fine-motor practice, and a mystery to solve! Solve the code to unlock the padlock (Centers)

Made my own blending line for my reception class today... They were very intrigued and hopefully it will encourage them to think about the sounds that make up words :)

Blending line - Teaching and practising blending for reading VC and CVC words and segmenting for spelling.

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Money problem solving - making Finding different ways. Use real coins rather than plastic ones so that the pupil can generalise the skills into real life situations.