Pallet mud kitchen

DIY outside Kitchen using wood or real cooker. Also essential and fairly easy/cheap I think! Hours of fun mixing mud leaves and all sorts!

Inspiring outdoor playscapes by Teach Preschool

Inspiring outdoor playscapes

Mud kitchen - love the pallets used for the flooring, great way to keep the floor tidy, as it can be swept up (another great life lesson.)

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Mud Kitchen at Fazeley Pre-school

This is an example of a yet-to-be-used mud kitchen. There is ample space in and around the centre for children to play. Multiple bins for mixing water and mud, and easy access to different tools (containers, pots, spoons, etc.

10 amazing mud kitchens for #outdoorplay. Learn how to make a #mudkitchen, what resources to use, how to make #mud and safety info!

10 amazing mud kitchens - perfect for sensory play & messy play in the garden. Includes tips for making mud pies & how to make a mud pie recipe book.

Sandpit kitchen made of pallets

This is such a great idea for an outdoor environment. It fits into the outdoor space naturally, because of the wood it is made of, its a great addition.