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Ohmyword!!! These botanical cupcakes are intense! Who would want to eat them after spending so much time on them?!


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Garden cupcakes - love it!

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Flower Garden Cupcakes (The Creative Cake Academy). Perfect for spring.

Leisure Courses and study breaks in the Cotswolds

These are the ones I made. Obviously I tried to melt the cake topper in the microwave, but that didn't work. So, I left it out for nights, in hot water. That worked. I picked it out. Then I held it in a sieve over the sink to drain out the water. I let it dry out by the sun, and returned. I wetted it a tiny bit, and squeezed it. There! Homemade clay! Then I died it colours. I left it dry, and moulded it into a cupcake shape. I made the bottom with my brown clay, and top thin layer of green.

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