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a close up view of a cloth with leaves on it
2016 Topic #9 Mono Printing {Challenge}
a blue and white painting with leaves on it's side, sitting on top of a piece of paper
a piece of art that is on top of a white paper with some scissors in it
Printing Projects
four cards with leaves on them sitting next to each other
Layered Monoprinting with Leaves
four tags with different designs on them are hanging from clothes pins and hangers in the shape of animals
Welcome to gathered
Lino print tags
Fiber Brush Demonstration
This brush was made by Elizabeth. It has a fan-shaped stiff fiber bristle which can make a wide variety of marks, and are super flexible. The handle was made from a vintage quill bobbin. The handle is smooth and surprisingly light (1.2 oz), it has a metal band around the top of the handle and a leather hanging strap on the end. The ferrule also has metal rings, 3 in total. Handle: 7" in length Bristle: 6.5" in length
an abstract painting with red, white and blue circles on it's side by itself
Let It Be Said #creativity #printmaking
Let It Be Said #creativity #printmaking
an abstract painting with flowers in blue and white
Playing with monoprints
The second print (the ghost print) captured the delicate structure of the flower head. As the plant was so fresh, it fell apart as I removed it from the plate. I had to use the tweezers to methodically pick off the individual soft seeds that stuck to the plate....a zen moment requiring much care and patience!
an abstract painting with circles and designs on blue, yellow and black paper in the center
Holiday Card Procrastination - Ursula's Digital Mixed Media
Gelli Arts Printing Plate Holiday Card Procrastination
several different types of flowers are shown in this brochure, including spoons and utensils
Making an Impression: Designing & Creating Artful Stamps
a black and white drawing of lines, squares, and strips
Linocutting Exercises for Beginners - Draw Cut Ink Press
Linocutting exercises for beginners. Master the basics of linocutting with these simple exercises that will set you on the road to being a lino cut master. More
a pen sitting on top of a black surface next to a leaf pattern and leaves
On Block Printing: Jesse Breytenbach of Henri Kuikens – Block Printed Textiles
On Block Printing: Jesse Breytenbach of Henri Kuikens - Block Printed Textiles Redefine
an intricately carved piece of wood with black and white designs on it's surface
Behind the scenes with Tugboat Printshop! Follow the making of our original woodblock prints from start to finish & other interesting projects, too!