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a blue and white sea horse sculpture on a black background with an intricately detailed design
Seahorse with azulejo’s
an illustration of a tall tower with blue and orange decorations on it's top
a painting of pink flowers on a blue background
an image of a floral design on a gray background with red, white and green flowers
Great Gatsby designer collaborates with Designer Rugs with stunning results | Home Beautiful
a black and white bird with gold on it's head, sitting in front of a
Graphic Artworks by Sanna Annukka — Steemit
two chickens standing next to each other in front of flowers and plants on a white background
Mariann Johansen-Ellis - Paintings for Sale
Buy Two Black Hens, XL linocut, textile collage with embroidery, Linocut by Mariann Johansen-Ellis on Artfinder. Discover thousands of other original paintings, prints, sculptures and photography from independent artists.
Vintage Image Transfer Gel Print (March Printing Challenge Idea #26)
For the gel printing prompt IMAGE TRANSFER Gelli Arts® artist Michele Mixed Media used a vintage image (public domain) and double-printed it on a laser printer. She rolled out black acrylic paint on the gel plate and placed the laser print on it. After a few seconds of smoothing the paper, she pulled the laser print off the plate. She used cotton buds and a damp paper towel to remove some of the image. She also added some detail with paint. Once the transfer was dry she added colour. She used a texture plate before adding a final layer of paint and placing paper on top. Michelle leaves the paper and paint to dry for about 15 minutes before she pulls her monoprint. #marchprintingchallenge #gelliarts #monoprinting #gelprinting #printmaking #printingplate #gelplate #imagetransfer
a drawing of a mermaid with a speech bubble above her head
a green and white bird with flowers on it's back side, flying through the air
two pictures with flowers on them, one is orange and the other has blue in it
Nasturtium: Nasturtium 14
GEL PRINTING ✨What’s on printmaker’s table✨
#gelprinting #gelliplate #monoprint #printmaking #gelpress