Plant Stem Cells

Plant stem cell facts and benefits. Lira Clinical uses 8 plant stem cells throughout their skincare line to maximize results and healing. Discover various plant stem cells this year with Lira Clinical PSC facts.
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The Power of 8! Lira Clinical uses 8 different types of plant stem cells in their product line.

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Plant Stem Cell (PSC) facts featuring the Swiss Apple PSC. This amazing plant was almost extinct before scientists stumbled upon the regenerative and UV protective benefits this PSC has. Now celebrities and skincare experts are raving about the effects. Lira Clinical uses the Swiss Apple PSC in many of their products #plantstemcell #appleplantstemcell

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Lira Clinical is pioneering plant stem cell technology. We use advanced combinations in our products for optimum and targeted results. Discover all of the plant stem cells Lira Clinical utilizes in our PSC Facts Digital Book. #plantstemcells #stemcelltechnology #stemcellskincare

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Grape Stem Cells have some amazing benefits, UV protection in particular. This is why our sunscreens and other Lira Clinical products contain these amazing stem cells! Learn more in our Grape edition of Plant Stem Cell Facts.

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Discover the many benefits of the Sea Fennel Stem Cell! Lira Clinical uses Sea Fennel in multiple products to help brighten your skin. Visit us at

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Today we are revealing one of our new plant stem cells, Argan! This particular PSC will be in one of our brand new products debuting at the end of the month. Hint: This new product will pair great with your MYSTIQ Perfecting Eye Crème

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Lira Clinical utilizes innovative Plant Stem Cell technology in almost every product. We use the power of Orange PSC in our brightening MYSTIQ products.

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Brighter skin begins with Lira Clinical! We have boosted our brightening products with the addition of the fabulous Madonna Lily Plant Stem Cell! This illuminating PSC is in our newly reformulated Mineral Retinol Solution, Caviar Crème and in one our new products debuting at the end of the month. Check back for more daily reveals!

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Burr it's cold out there! Edelweiss flowers thrive in cold climates and mountainous regions. The Edelweiss PSC contains some truly amazing properties!

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The Lira Clinical team are ingredient combination masters! We have combined the Lilac and Echinacea Plant Stem Cells to deliver superior skin balancing results. Discover the amazing skin soothing and acne fighting properties behind these unique floral PSC's.

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