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a pencil drawing of some plants and fish
Graphite Illustrations That Explore the Detailed Relationships of the Natural World by Zoe Keller — Colossal
Graphite Illustrations That Explore the Detailed Relationships of the Natural World by Zoe Keller | Colossal
an ink drawing of various plants and animals
Zoe Keller | Professional Nature Art & Scientific Illustration
a blue and white drawing of trees and vases
산그림 작가의 개인 갤러리 입니다.
a painting of an orchid in a vase with green leaves on the bottom and yellow flowers on the top
Jonas Wood - Artist
Jonas Wood - Artist - David Kordansky Gallery
a bunch of plants that are on top of each other in front of a white background
Houseplants in Pots / Plant Pots / Illustration / Art Print / Wall Decor / Botanical Drawing / Plant
a painting of potted plants on shelves
Juxtapoz Magazine - Jonas Wood and Shio Kusaka "BLACKWELDER" @ Gagosian Gallery, Hong Kong
an image of a facebook page with plants and potted plants on the bottom right hand corner
It's Nice That on Twitter
there are many potted plants on the table
Jonas Wood | Gagosian
Two Tables with Floral Pattern by Jonas Wood, 2013, oil and acrylic on canvas, 100 × 93" (254 × 236.2 cm) | Gagosian Gallery
various types of green leaves on a white background
Danii Pollehn
Danii Pollehn on Behance - Freelance Illustrator. This drawing/ painint is created digitally and shows lots of leaves from houseplants. This illustration art is created with procreate and includes calatheas, monstera variegata, ficus, Banana Leaf, cacti and Begonias. This is a modern botanical art piece and can be used as editorial illustration or a T-Shirt Design
a room filled with lots of green plants and hanging chairs in front of a window
Agent Pekka
Cover illustration for Italian magazine Andersen.
an illustration of tropical plants and flowers on a white background with green leaves in the foreground
Green Vintage Tropical Minimalist Wallpaper Mural
Welcome fresh tropicals into your space full of stylish tone and detail, with the Green Vintage Tropical Minimalist Wallpaper Mural. With large scale tropical leaves inspired by the botanical illustrations of Pierre-Joseph Redouté, a wonderful vintage aesthetic is created with a touch of modern freshness from the contemporary tones used including teal green and hints of red and purple.
black and white photograph of branches with leaves
REVLStudio - Etsy
Pomegranate silhouette, acrylic ink on bond paper, 2018 by tristan b.