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Page 1 of 38 - Portraits - posted in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire General Discussion (NO SPOILERS) : It seems the portrait style changed. This is probably not news, but I only just saw it in the Neketaka video. Or is this style only used in scripted interactions perhaps, and the status screen will still have the old style of portrait? Coastal Aumaua Watcher, Edér, Aloth, Xoti, Pallegina I like Xotis look, and Edérs. Pallegina looks worse than in the...

Female Warriors

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Fantasy RPG Character Dump - Humans Edition

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Northwind by NikiVaszi on DeviantArt

Which "Mortal Instruments" Character Are You?

There is no pretending here.

Unknown Beasts Within - Unknown Beasts Within

It started with a prophecy and a pact. But too, a sacrifice had to be made. Brought in to answer for the death she caused, she never expected to be held against her will in the lair of the Lupe Gaurou. Her death being called for, a pact with the local City Master saves her life. And nearly three decades later, it's time to fulfill her end of the bargain. With the life of her child... Elena Danvers always knew she was adopted, and knew the name of her birth mother, but not much else. But…

Portrait by Cher-Ro on DeviantArt

For @matschgirl Portrait

Design You Trust

Collection of various illustrations by US-based artist Andrea Radeck. More info: Andrea Radeck

Lee Bogle - Peace Giclee On Canvas

Lee Bogle - Peace Giclee On Canvas

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A Court of Baes & Feels - Fanart Pt. 3

Read Fanart Pt. 3 from the story A Court of Baes & Feels by Aelin_Galathynius_ (Aelin of the Wildfire) with 3,857 reads. queenofshadows, firebreathingbitchquee...