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Third Party Litigation Financing

Third Party Litigation financing is fairly new, certain forms were practiced earlier in the United States but, beginning on or around 1997 (TPLF) increased in growth. It is new enough that many people do not realize that legal financing exist.Until recently, it tended to focus on consumer disputes like personal injury claims, for a percentage of the recovery, according to a Juridica-funded report by RAND Corporation
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JPMorgan Looks to Pay to Settle U.S. Inquiries

Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase is trying to mend relationships with regulators.

Banks Find S.&P. More Favorable in Bond Ratings

“You can see that we are slipping our way back to 2007.” Banks Find S. More Favorable in Bond Ratings

Nasdaq Is Fined $10 Million Over Mishandled Facebook Public Offering. (Me: In the context of this story, this is darkly hilarious) Via The New York Times.