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Frozen water play - sensory play activities for kids and toddlers. Great play based STEM activity. More ideas on the blog.  via @4cheekymonkeys

FROZEN WATER PLAY - sensory play for kids - four cheeky monkeys

Sensory play for kids - How to make these super fun sensory play frozen water excavation balls - the perfect summer's day activity for kids and toddlers

Rice in the Water Tray (",) Love the tray of tools

Rice in the Water Tray

I decided to repeat this activity from the childminding group this week as it had been so popular. We hadn't planned on doing it this way....

Flower Sensory Soup - simple to prepare water based sensory bin kids would enjoy!

Flower Sensory Soup

My toddler loves water play! This time, I threw in some fresh flowers that were just about to fade, and this quick and simple Flower Sensory Soup kept him entertained for a long time!

Image result for large water and sand table for preschoolers with pvc pipes

Image result for large water and sand table for preschoolers with pvc pipes

We have recently sorted our provision in the water tray to ensure a focus on #finemotorskills primary over than #grossmotorskills, so we enhanced the water tray by adding a washing line.  There was barely space to wash the clothes in the end as everyone wanted to join in.  As well as wringing the clothes of water and in turn developing gross motor skills they also developed their fine motor skills by squeezing open the pegs!  Also lots of fun!

Play More Month - DaddiLife

Ask anyone over 30 to recount their most treasured memories of childhood play, and few will be indoors. Independent play, outdoors, and varied, is what we remember. As things stand,…

Lemon Water Play-Summer sensory play for kids who love making lemonade! Great for fine motor practice, sensory exploration and more

Lemon Sensory Water Play

If you've made lemonade with kids, you know they'd play long after the lemon juice was squeezed. That's the inspiration for this lemon sensory water play activity.