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Homebuildlife -Design studio Skrekkøgle has developed a prototype DAB radio that uses the physical act of stopping a cork as its on/off mechanism. The project explores the idea of bringing tangible interaction back into the increasingly dematerialised appliance industry.


Little Boxes – Music box for the iPad by Joelle Aeschlimann (ECAL)

Created by Joelle Aeschlimann at ECAL, Little Boxes is a music box prototype created for the iPad. It consists of a tangible part composed of three separate music boxes that interact with an iPad in different ways. When placed the device, turning the lever generates the music and visual content.


Silenc [] is a tangible visualization designed by Norwegian interaction design students Manas Karambelkar, Momo Miyazaki and Kenneth A. Robertsen that highlights the silent letters that occur in the Danish, English and French languages.


Tangible Textural Interface by Eunhee Jo Show RCA 2012 Innovation Design Engineering