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Every cat should have a balcony

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Maine Coon

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This is why I want a Main Coon Cat. How beautiful

Yay, It's Another Cat Day!

It's time to get your feline fix, for today is Cat Day!

showing the new kitten around

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Maine Coon Cat - Rupert is 20 #, still growing! I hope my Tabi girl gets this big!!

Meet Rupert the Melbourne fat cat who weighs in at 20lb three times bigger than the average moggy... and he is set to keep on growing

The super-sized feline, who at 20lbs (9kg) could claim to be one of the world's biggest cats, is only half grown and set to gain more weight.

this a a big one, giant Maine Coone cat.

Exposição no ABC reúne gatos peludos, gigantes e pelados

this a a big one, giant Maine Coone cat.

maine coon cat

Top 15 Amazingly Fat Cats

(Photo from's Fat Pets gallery)Why do we love fat cats? Duh! Because they're so cuddly, cute and fat, of course!Many fat cats have become Internet phenomenon - the web has seen several viral emails on this subject (including a famous fake one that purportedly show a monstrously large mutant cat found in an abandoned nuclear research facility, see below).The fattest cat on record is Himmy, a tabby belonging to Thomas Vyse of Redlynch, Queensland, Australia. Himmy weighed 46 lb…

Lupo The Giant Maine Coon Cat - Love Meow

Giant Maine Coon Keeps His Human Warm as Her Purring Blanket

Meet Lupo the giant 30 lb. Maine Coon cat. "He's also extremely cuddly and doubles as a purring blanket in winter," said Lupo's human mom via reddit. imgur Lupo was the size of a "typical" cat at the age of three months. "I'm 4'10", but he is still a pretty big boy," his human mom added. ...