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Bloomer Footstool

BLOOMER FOOTSTOOL "Bloomin' marvellous!" is how our Long Eaton upholsterers described this buttoned footstool.


Brilliant Buttoned Footstool | Bloomer | Loaf

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Legsie Footstool

LEGSIE FOOTSTOOL A footstool should never show off. It's a stool for feet after all. This squishy one is very well behaved and will leave your feet wanting more.


Lovely Upholstered Footstool | Legsie | Loaf

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Wet Dog Footstool

WET DOG FOOTSTOOL After a very damp walk our office's favourite dog, Rhuby, made this simple footstool her home for the afternoon.


Seriously Comfy Footstool | Wet Dog | Loaf

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Bumper Storage Footstool

BUMPER FOOTSTOOL Is this a blanket box or a footstool? Either way it's incredibly practical.


Super Storage Footstools | Bumper | Loaf

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Biscuit Footstool

BISCUIT FOOTSTOOL. Good enough to nibble, this cheeky footstool is a little slab of gorgeous. Neat, sweet and petite. Lovely. #footstool #livingroom


Biscuit | Gorgeous Small Footstool | Loaf

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Homebody Footstool

HOMEBODY FOOTSTOOL. Slippers: on. Supper: on. Tele: on. Mind: off. You get the picture.


Cool Curved Footstool | Homebody | Loaf

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Jammy Dodger Footstool

JAMMY DODGER FOOTSTOOL This cheeky chappy sailed through our design auditions by being consistently curvy and sweet.


Curved Upholstered Footstool | Jammy Dodger | Loaf

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Loosey Goosey

SHINER FOOTSTOOL We really like the way this simple footstool with its chrome legs has a kind of early 1960s elegance to it.


Contemporary Style Footstool | Shiner | Loaf

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Flatster Footstool

FLATSTER FOOTSTOOL Shhh! Let's let the squishy top and weathered oak legs do the talking here.

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