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PASCALE WARDROBE Our photos don't actually do justice to this incredibly impressive wardrobe. It drew gasps from the crew when we first unwrapped it. Insanely well made out of solid oak it is given a lovely weathered finish by hand. Will last for decades if not centuries.

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FLEUR WARDROBE Our Charlie banged on about how we had to get the paint finish just right for this lovely wardrobe. Devoid of even the faintest whiff of "high street lacquer", each one undergoes a 7-step process to get the perfect matt and vintage look that's bursting with character.

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ATELIER WARDROBE Inspired by an old (and somewhat rickety!) armoire we saw in Brittany last summer, we’ve used solid weathered oak here which goes brilliantly with our French beds, Legacy chest of drawers and Sandie side table.

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Honey Bunny

HONNEY BUNNY WARDROBE This would have traditionally been referred to as a “gentleman’s wardrobe.” All we know is that it is cute as hell and brilliant both for grown-ups and kids alike. A real space-saver. #wardrobe #bedroom #furniture

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LOURDES. It's amazing what reclaimed wood and a little sand-blastage can do. We love the way this wonderfully weathered wardrobe is curved not cornered. Softly does it. #BounjourBlighty #wardrobe #wood

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Loosey Goosey

MAGNUS WARDROBE We’re big fans of Swedish furniture with its off-white hues and subtle carving details. This lovely wardrobe thankfully has none of the creak or squeak of the original version it is modelled on.

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