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LOAF Made in Britain

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Beds, sofas and comfy furniture for Loafers. Here are a few of our designs handmade the good old fashioned way in Britain.

Chester Sofa

CHESTER. We've updated the traditional Chesterfield sofa with fewer buttons and cleaner lines and then we've added our own lovely weathered oak legs. "Champion!" as our Derbyshire sofa-makers say.

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Bagsie Love Seat

BAGSIE LOVE SEAT. “Bagsie one of these!” we all cried when we made the first one. Our very own version of the classic chesterfield, this deep-buttoned beauty is one sumptuous seat.

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Loaf's glamorous, deep buttoned Dixie sofa is all about faded grandeur. The comfy design has an extremely high squish factor. A modern twist on a Chesterfield, it comes in more than 120 beautiful colours and is shown here in Bumblebee yellow velvet.

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Loaf's comfy Bagsie sofa is handmade in Derbyshire. A contemporary take on the traditional Chesterfield design, this deep button backed has solid oak legs and the frame is guaranteed for 10 years. Available in more than 120 fabrics and shown here in the purple Grape clever velvet.

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Jonesy Sofa

JONESY. What makes our version of this timeless British classic different are the weathered oak legs. Not a brass castor so much as even sniffs near this handmade beauty. And it's also one of the snuggliest, comfiest sofas in town.

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This seriously comfy bed has curves in all the right places. With those deep buttons, that scrolling headboard and satisfyingly padded sides, it takes squish to the next level. Shown here in

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Oscar Sofa

OSCAR SOFA. We finally cracked this design on the night of the Oscars when we got the proportions spot on. It's every bit as insanely comfy as it looks. And the weathered oak legs get the award for Best Supporting Role.

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Pavlova Armchair

PAVLOVA ARMCHAIR. What's deep, deliciously squishy, and handmade in Blighty? Apologies to all you New Zealanders out there but we're claiming this Pavlova as our own.

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Monty Armchair

MONTY ARMCHAIR. We asked 50,000 of you Loafers what we should call this amazing armchair and it’s sofa companion. And Monty was the winner hands down. It was being British, The Full Package and super cuddly (like loads of your kids) that did it. Not to mention our sofa maker Paul's dog is a St Bernard called Monty. It was meant to be.

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LUNA BED. Sometimes back of an envelope designs are best. This bed has no piping. No studs. No buttons. Just a lovely simple curve. Yum.

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