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Gaston Desk Lamp

GASTON. Handsome and a little bit different, this standard lamp's vintage brass finish is crying out to be loved for years to come in a nice Loaf home.

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Flagon Table Lamp

FLAGON. Simple is often best. So when we saw our glass blowers creating this lovely shape we asked them to do nothing more to it. Yum.

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RUFFLE BED. A testament to life in the slow lane. And darn comfy to boot. It's the squidge factor which does it.

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Pavlova Armchair

PAVLOVA. What's deep, deliciously squishy, and handmade in Blighty? Apologies to all you New Zealanders out there but we're claiming this Pavlova as our own.

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Loosey Goosey

CHURNIE. Inspired by old-fashioned milk churns, these cuties make brilliant vases, pen holders or table decorations.

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DAZZLER BED. It took our Charlie and Mister Steve quite a lot of upholstery chalk to show exactly how the curves should work on this beauty. It was well worth all the mess.

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Apothecary Table Lamp

APOTHECARY. This elegant glass lamp was inspired by an old apothecary jar our Mister Steve saw in a chemist in India. The lotions and potions might have gone but we reckon it works its magic just fine.

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POMME. Our nifty storage boxes look just like apple crates and then some. They've got a chalkboard on one side so you'll never forget what's in them. Nifty, no?

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GIRASOL. Inspired by beautiful old school flower vases in our local flower shop, this characterful set of vases is an incredibly useful addition to have knocking about the home - and Loaf HQ!

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ZEUS. A bold name for a bold table. We don't mind admitting we bowed down and praised the gods when we perfected this solid oak and zinc beauty.

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