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A board dedicated to #iBeacon #BLE - iBeacon is the trademark for an indoor proximity system. The technology enables an iOS device or other hardware to send push notifications to iOS devices in close proximity. Devices running the Android operating system can receive iBeacon advertisements but cannot emit iBeacon advertisements.
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Ifinity introduces AirBeacon – battery-less ibeacon extracting power from ambient electromagnetic waves.."embeacon?"-Gbau

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The Tough Beacon mounted outdoors lasts just as long as a regular beacon, but is nearly indestructible.

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WeWork South Bank

So tonight we head off to #beaconweek to meet the team from to chat all things #beacon #ibeacon

GemTot USB Beacons now fully support both the iBeacon and AltBeacon specification. This means that a single GemTot beacon is able to simultaneously broadcast iBeacon and AltBeacon signals!

Meet #Eddystone, an open #beacon format from Google #ibeacon

Beamo is going to be the new way that retail business, advertising and marketing is done. It is also going to become a new buzz-word in the industry.

Facebook to test Bluetooth beacons in New York

OpenUUID is a free-to-use catalogue of proximity UUIDs. Proximity UUID is a special type of identifier used primarily with the iBeacon technology. In a nutshell, it assures proper identification of an iBeacon region. It is often used in combination with two more identifiers ('major' and 'minor') to recognize certain region.

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