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Lemon Bakewell slices

'Apart from Derbyshire oatcakes and Bakewell pudding, the Peak District is not known for its distinctive local dishes, but the area is foodie heaven.' Slow Travel Peak District

Homemade Thin Mints

Easy to make homemade thin mints that are just like the real thing - crisp, slice and bake chocolate mint cookies coated in chocolate - they're amazing!

Here's the perfect rolling pin for cat lovers out there! Know someone who loves baking as well as cats? This laser-engraved rolling pin will make a great gift idea. Or if you're the baker, you can use this as a tool to make cookies for cat lover friends and families! Make fancy cookies with cat shapes engraved on it! A doggie version is available for dog persons too!:

Stained Glass Cookies

Stained Glass Cookies | Adding a little crushed candy to your sugar cookies makes for a fabulous holiday cookie! @lizzydo

Copycat Sonic Cherry Limemade

Delicious recipe for Sonic's Cherry Limeade - tastes just like it! { } Ingredients include 7-Up, cherries, a lime, and maraschino syrup!

17 Short and Sweet Shot-Glass Desserts

Once you've baked a masterpiece, it can be so hard not to gobble down a slice... or two... or three. These pre-portioned, perfect-for-parties treats will satisfy your sweet tooth—without tempting you to overindulge. Read more: Shot Glass Desserts - Mini Dessert Recipes - Redbook Follow us: @Carolyn Booker Magazine on Twitter | REDBOOK on Facebook Visit us at

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