Hair Styles Tutorials For Ladies...  Cause my hair IS going to grow back

Upside down Braid to ponytail. Finally found an easy way to do an upside down braid.

Simple hair do. I'm sure I could manage this, I'm usually a bit rubbish with doing my hair. Had short hair for years due to the fact that when I've had long hair I only ever tie it in a ponytail.

Cross Bun Hair-do! Seems easy enough to do in the morning for work

hopefully my hair will look this luscious on the big day, but not blonde of course haha

Easy Party Hairstyle Ideas - Standing out from the crowd doesn't necessarily mean complicated hairstyles that require time, skills and lots of tools and products in order to achieve them at home. This holiday season, opt instead for easy hairstyle ideas t


TUCK AND COVER – the tuck and cover hairstyle is perfect for those of you who are look for easy but super fab ‘dos that you can make with your hair to give it that nice, fun and flirty spring time vibe

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