Ótima divisória com prateleiras

This Custom Designed Shelf System Is Used To Store Books And Act As A Guard Rail For The Staircase

Teds Woodworking - French designer Alexandre Pain created Rossignol, a custom designed wood shelf and railing system that can be used to store books and act as a guard rail for the staircase. - Projects You Can Start Building Today

Opção de divisória moderna e geométrica.

Modern room dividers, the walnut window shades act as a screen between this living room and entry way. The screen allows for privacy and connectivity between the two spaces. By Elish Warlop Design Studio.

Teatro Point,© Radu Malașincu

Galeria de Teatro Point / Lama Arhitectura - 23

Gallery of Point Theatre / Lama Arhitectura - 23 - shelving plywood and metal

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