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These teddy bears and stuffed cuddly toy animals have all been lost or found by someone in Africa and the Persian Gulf. Please contact the owner via the link on their listing.
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LOST at BAHRAIN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Hi I lost my daughters favorite toy at Bahrain International airport. I need your help. Its a green and yellow dog with long ears. I searched with the airport, asked the security people and even the police station outside the airport .no luck: I lost it 10 days back. Contact: or

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LOST on FLIGHT to TUNISIA £100 reward Ria is a little rabbit teddy with half of her ear missing & half of her eye hanging out. She also has a blue star stitched on her tummy & looks pretty grubby. She is my brothers favourite teddy, he is 7 & lost her on the flight to Tunisia -TOM602 in seat 11a. We contacted Stanstead airport but still nothing. As his big sister I have made it my mission to do all that i can to reunite them. Contact:

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Lost on 25 Jul. 2016 @ Fethiye , Turkey. My 3 year old daughter has lost her beloved purple Jellycat rabbit, she is absolutely heartbroken ?? she has had him from her 1st birthday. He went missing on the 25th July at Fethiye, Turkey eithe... Visit: (Posted by David on 09 Aug. 2016)

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This is such a sad story. Teddy Bear author's teddy stolen on train in Tanzania. "13th April 2013 Sad update I no longer have Bearsac. I have not had him for over a year now. On 3rd December 2011 he was taken from me. He was waving from the window of a train in Tanzania and a man grabbed him. I have not been updating the website much since so people are not going tot the diarys to find this out. So I put it here as this page is viewed more. Debra."

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Lost on 08 Nov. 2015 @ Gran Canaria. The kindergarten mascot was lost somewhere on Gran Canaria around the 8th of November 2015. One of the kids brought it on holiday and it was forgotten. It's a chicken hand puppet which is quite old... Visit: (Posted by Christian on 08 Feb. 2016)

Lost on 15 Jan. 2016 @ Abu Dhabi Etihad plane. Brown teddy bear, little used, filled with pearls. Lost it on Etihad flight 279 from Male to Abu Dhabi. Visit: (Posted by Katja on 17 Jan. 2016)

Lost on 01 Jan. 2016 @ FLIGHT Etihad Sydney TO Abu Dhabi.. J’ai perdu mon Doudou Jack le 1/01/16 dans un avion Etihad en provenance de Sydney vers Abu Dhabi. Peut être je l’ai perdu dans l’aéroport mais je pense plutôt dans l’avion. Aidez moi à... Visit: (Posted by LEAH on 16 Jan. 2016)

Lost on 06 Jan. 2016 @ Lower Sabie Rest Camp, Mpumalanga, 1350. My Daughter lost her favourite floppy soft toy cat, Kitty Cat, at the Ntandanyathi game viewing hide 15 km south of Lower Sabie, in the Kruger National Park, while on holiday. Visit: (Posted by Jeanita on 13 Jan. 2016)

Lost on 23 Mar. 2015 @ Africa. This bear was lost on her journey from the UK to Namibia, Africa March/April 2015. She was packed up securely in a box but did not arrive to her new owner. The postal services cannot help so I am h... Visit: (Posted by Wendi on 05 Sep. 2015)

Lost on 29/06/2015 @ Lanzarote . SOS please help find missing "Monkey" !! Our daughter dropped her beloved monkey somewhere between Arrecife airport and Puerto Del Carmen Lanzarote on Monday 29th June. If you found it please retur... Visit: (Posted by Deirdre Flynn on 07/07/2015)