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These teddy bears and stuffed cuddly toy animals have all been lost or found by someone in Canada. Please contact the owner via the link on their listing.
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Lost on 15/02/2015 @ Toronto Pearson Airport Terminal 1. Very well loved, pale pink (almost grey!) Jelly Cat pig lost at Toronto airport over the weekend. Heartbroken little girl and mummy desperate to get him home again. He is not as fresh as this photo... Visit: (Posted by Julie on 17/02/2015)


Lost & Found Teddy Bear - Cuddly toy at Toronto Pearson Airport Terminal 1

Found on 12/09/2014 @ K1S 2H4. FOUND: well-loved beige bunny on Second Avenue in the Glebe neighbourhood of Ottawa on the afternoon of Friday, Sept 12. He's had enough adventure and would like to come home now. Visit: (Posted by Kevin on 28/09/2014)


Lost & Found Teddy Bear - Jellycat bunny at K1S 2H4

Lost on 23 Oct. 2015 @ New Brunswick, Canada. While travelling from Ontario, Canada to Nova Scotia, Canada between October 22nd and 25th my 8 year old daughter lost her Chicago White Sox teddy bear. This bear has been with her since the day sh... Visit: (Posted by Shaun on 18 Nov. 2015)

Lost & Found Teddy Bear - Teddy bear at New Brunswick, Canada

Lost on 20 Jun. 2016 @ Vancouver , bc, canada. LOST in Vancouver, Canada Our beloved teddybear stuffy , probably on our way home from school. It could be anywhere in between Ash/ W 6th , the skytrain olympic village/yaletown, Davie/pacific boul... Visit: (Posted by aurelie on 24 Jun. 2016)

Lost & Found Teddy Bear - Teddy bear at Vancouver , bc, canada

Found on 10 Jun. 2016 @ Beacon Avenue, SIdney, British Columbia, Canada. Very quiet teddy bear found on main street of Sidney, BC. Enquired about "Ted" at local restaurant. No one knew anything about this fellow and suggested we take "Ted" home. As mentioned very quiet.... Visit: (Posted by Rose on 11 Jun. 2016)

Lost & Found Teddy Bear - Teddy bear at Beacon Avenue, SIdney, British Columbia, Canada

Lost on 13 Apr. 2016 @ 3625 Shagganappi Tr NW, Calgary. My son left his most favourite stuffed lovie at the Starbucks in Market Mall, the south end of the mall. It is a stuffed Beanie Baby siamese cat (light offwhite color, brown paws and ears, blue eye... Visit: (Posted by Jennifer on 24 Apr. 2016)

Lost & Found Teddy Bear - Cuddly kitty at 3625 Shagganappi Tr NW, Calgary

Lost on 26 Mar. 2016 @ Ottawa, Canada . My son has lost his blue jellycat bunny with blanket. His name Leo is embroidered on it. Realised it was missing after retuning from holiday in Ottawa and mont tremblant in Canada. Visit: (Posted by Sarah on 03 Apr. 2016)

Lost & Found Teddy Bear - Jellycat bunny at Ottawa, Canada

Lost on 03 Mar. 2010 @ Stratford ontario. Crusher is a lion with white on the bottoms of his paws. No extra hair on the tip of his tail. He has somewhat of a flat face and looks like he's smiling a little. He has a white tag on his butt. I... Visit: (Posted by Ange on 16 Feb. 2016)

Lost & Found Teddy Bear - Cuddly toy at Stratford ontario

Found on 07 Jan. 2016 @ Mount Washington Road, BC. Bunny is waiting eagerly to be reunited with its human and is being cared for by the lovely staff at Alpine Rentals, Raven Lodge, Mount Washington Alpine Resort, Vancouver Island, British Columbia,... Visit: (Posted by Gillian on 11 Jan. 2016)

Lost & Found Teddy Bear - Cuddly bunny at Mount Washington Road, BC

Lost on 11 Aug. 2014 @ Store St, Victoria, BC Canada. George either was bear napped or went walkabout when we were shopping, he was in my bag when we left the pub but by the time we got to the Empress hotel he was lost. We took the time to look for hi... Visit: (Posted by Shirley on 04 Jan. 2016)

Lost & Found Teddy Bear - Teddy bear at Store St, Victoria, BC Canada