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Teddies we had listed who have now been reunited with their families. YAY!! Can you help reunite some more?
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Found on 14 Aug. 2015 @ Paris . My daughter's beloved Teddy Bear Spencer has been found Thank you for all your support I will like to say a special Thank You to Emilie and The Staff at The Campanile Hotel Galleni and the ... Visit: (Posted by Lavaughn on 15 Aug. 2015)

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He's been found! YAY!! ------ Lost on 30 Jul. 2015 @ Eden Walk Kingston Upon Thames Surrey, KT1 1BL. My daughter is heartbroken as she has lost her Tigger (he even has a pager tag tied to him but the blooming thing is broken!!) We think he was lost between Primark and Eden Walk in Kingston Visit: (Posted by Emma on 30 Jul. 2015)

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YAY!! Martin has been found and is back home! === Lost on 11/07/2015 @ swansea bay . Sonny and Martin got seperated at the Swansea Air Show Visit: (Posted by nina rees on 12/07/2015)

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Great news! Lost Bunny and owner have been reunited! ----- Found on 02 Oct. 2015 @ The Warehouse, Sylvia Park, Auckland, New Zealand. Bunny with Country Road brand tag on the back. No name. Well loved. Visit: (Posted by Felicity on 06 Oct. 2015)

This bunny has been reunited. YAY!! ---- Found on 11 May. 2016 @ Westgate Street, Bath, England. Found a well loved Jellycat bunny near Greggs on Westgate Street in Bath. It's desperate to find its loving owner. Can you help? Visit: (Posted by Sophie Kerr on 11 May. 2016)

This puppy has now been found and reunited. YAY!! ---- Lost on 31 May. 2016 @ 14100 bonnet creek resort lane Orlando, Florida. Please help us find my daughter's stuffed dog, Puppy! He's light brown, medium size and well loved. We believe he was left behind at the Hilton Bonnet Creek in Orlando, either in the lobby, restaur... Visit: (Posted by Sarah on 31 May. 2016)

This fox has been found and on is on his way home! YAY!! -------- Lost on 23 Apr. 2016 @ Manchester . REWARD IF FOUND Please Help Please read/ share My daughter lost her favourite soft toy today in Manchester city centre. It hasn't left her side since we bought it for her in June last year. It is a... Visit: (Posted by Amanda on 25 Apr. 2016)

Kitty has been reunited! YAY!! Found on 04 Apr. 2016 @ Cavendish park west didsbury . Found well loved ginger cat in pink jumpsuit. Big green eyes Visit: (Posted by Clare on 04 Apr. 2016)

Monkey has been found! YAY!! ==== Lost on 29 Nov. 2015 @ Newcastle quayside. Much loved toy monkey Malcolm from Next, adored and goes everywhere with my 3 1/2 year old. last seen Sunday lunchtime in Gusto Newcastle quayside and walked to multi-storey car park behind the res... Visit: (Posted by Zoe on 29 Nov. 2015)

Edward has been found. YAY ---- Lost on 12 Nov. 2015 @ Brant road, lincoln. My little boy has lost his beloved Edward. Please help me to reunite them as they are the best of friends and Sebastian is distraught :( Visit: (Posted by catherine on 12 Nov. 2015)