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Welcome to through the camera #002 The rule of thirds. They say rules are made to be broken but the “rule of thirds” is not one of them if you wish to make any progress within the cinematography world you are going to have to learn to eat sleep and breathe the rule of thirds.

SCRIPT DOCTOR #2 –WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS IDEA? PART 1/4 : WHAT IS A LOGLINE? So, what is a logline? It is the single controlling idea of your film. It is the story of your film.

SCRIPT DOCTOR: REVIEW OF EXERCISE #1 O.K. – so how did you get on with the exercise? Did you do it? Yes? No? Well, if you did – well done! You’re on the way! If you didn’t, well… I’d strongly urge you to go back and complete it. Really. And here’s some of the reasons why. We’ll call this, for ease of reference, The School Of Bad Screenwriting....

Hi welcom to My name is Asher Gouldbourne today weare going to look at the role of a DP or Director of Photography. In these articals we will be looking at how to inprove a wide range of skills as a cineraphotographer starting form the begining so if you have been at this for a wile please be pationt we will be porviding tutrels for all levles but for now we have to start at the beging.

Hi! and welcome to My name is Laurence Gouldbourne. I am a scriptwriter and have written for TV shows such as Desmond’s (Channel 4) and Chef (BBC1) and I’ll be your Script Doctor on All films – shorts as well as full-length features – begin with a script. The purpose of these info-notes is to help you successfully write your screenplay for your short film. Once your script is in place, you’ll have a better idea about....