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#GSTtax is a single tax for the whole nation and is applied on goods and services where final consumption happens.

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Financial services

#FinancialServices are provided by finance industry and gst brings incremental challenges due to the nature of their operations.

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#Servicetax is the gross amount received by the service provider for the taxable service rendered by him.

Gst registration

#GSTregistration process is online through a portal maintained by Central Government of India.

#GSTtaxrate is collected on value added goods and services, It will be very advantageous and will change Indian economy.

Financial services

#FinancialServices are given by finance industry and it providers capitalize on emerging opportunities and meet shifting customer needs.

#Goodsandservicestax will change indirect and cascading effect of tax on nation and boost up growth of business.

With #GST a moderate increase in the cost of #financialservices might be occur but it will remove cascading effect of tax on goods.

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#Implicationsofgst will turn India into one common market, leading to greater ease of doing business and big savings in logistics costs.

GST rate

#GSTrate will make a common indirect tax code applicable in India and this will be helpful for business as well consumer.