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EYFS phonics - Treasure & trash game at the water tray. Phase 3 real & silly words written on the balls for the children to shoot down the guttering into the appropriate bucket.

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The Princess and the Pea Story

The Princess and the Pea Story Oh no! The Princess and the Pea story has gotten all mixed up. Can you put the story in the right order? This fun cut-n-paste activity will help kids use logic and reasoning to build reading comprehension skills.

Some of the resources available on Mr Tickled Pink's writing table, linked to our topic about castles, princesses and knights! The children have been writing invitations to a royal banquet, messages to knights and queens, stories, lists of people who live in the castle, and even lists of jobs for the maid to do! LG☆

Links for Interactive Activities and Games. The Castle Adventure link is a lego game that teaches all about castles - it was awesome!