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The Aroma Expert’s Guide to Using New Micellar Oil 1. Apply oil to dry skin to allow the Hydrolipid Molecules (Surfactants) to work in attracting impurities. 2. On contact with water, the Micelle Technology forms wheels to capture all impurities on the surface of the skin. 3. As the skin is rinsed, the Micelles are washed away and the skin is left clean, soft and radiant.

1.Light-reflecting Illuminating Pearls: brighten the skin / 2.Hyaluronic Acid: locks moisture and fills surface wrinkles / 3.Orange Flavonoids: protect skin from free radicals / 4.Ginseng Extract: energises the skin / 5.Mandarin Essential Oil: repairs DNA damaged by UV radiation / 6.Galanga Extract: boosts natural Hyaluronic Acid production

"Micelle technology is known in the industry as one of the most effective ways to deeply cleanse the skin whilst protecting the skin’s natural defence system. As a skincare expert I understand how effective oil can be on the skin and combining Micelle technology with the power of Plant Oils deliver even greater results." Fiona Brackenbury, Director of Training

Sweet Almond Oil is a key Essential Oil in DECLÉOR’s Micellar Oil, rich in essential fatty acids, to help strengthen the skin’s cutaneous barrier for a complexion that’s soothed and silk to the touch.

Vegetal Squalane is a key nourishing plant extract found in DECLÉOR’s Micellar Oil, derived from Olive Oil, to maintain the skin’s optimal hydration levels. This keeps the skin supple and deeply moisturised thanks to its natural affinity with the skin’s protective Hydrolipid barrier.

2014 – DECLÉOR continues to be the leader in professional aromatherapy skincare, in over 1,000 spas and salons nationwide and distributing in 4 continents and over 70 countries. Aromessence™Neroli Super Serum wins ‘Best Facial Oil’ at the InStyle awards for the sixth year running.

7. Keep your body hydrated this summer and drink lots of water. One of its many benefits is that it will improve your skin complexion, keeping it clear and glowing!