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nine different types of carved objects on a white surface, each with holes in the middle
Jonas Frei on Instagram: "Juglans & Carya Querschnitte durch verschiedene Walnüsse und Hickorys. Aus der Referenzsammlung zu meinem Buch „Die Walnuss“. Eine typische Echte Walnuss, J. regia, findet sich in der untersten Reihe, 2. von rechts. — -- Juglans & Carya Cross-sections through various walnut species and hickories. From the reference collection to my book "Die Walnuss". A typical persian walnut, J. regia, is the 2nd from the right in the bottom row. - #walnuss #hickory #walnut #carya #ju
several different pictures of rocks on the wall
mineral display
three glass bottles with keys attached to them
23 Magnificently Beautiful Vintage Looking DIY Key Projects To Accessorize Your Decor
Bottles with keys. These are so frickin Alice In Wonderland-esque adorable!!! My cat would knock those things over in a heartbeat, but #LOVE !
an assortment of various metal objects on a black background, including horses and other animals
Romano-British brooch collection
several different types of wood buttons on a gray surface
several different types of vases with designs on them
Thomas van de Kamp on Twitter
several vases and bowls are on shelves in the same color as they appear above water
Nature as Designer
Ale, Piercing, Pin, Inspo, Bijou, Piercings, Armband, Pinterest, Wax
Julie Cohn Design Jewelry