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Lucas Critchett

Lucas Critchett
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Concept Suit #2 | Man, there are actually a lot of possibili… | Flickr

Man, there are actually a lot of possibilities for this frame. Oh, and by the way, I'm leaving for camp in a couple minutes.

Iguana and Komodo Dragon by MittenNinja

An Iggy and a variant Locust, inspired by XGundam's take on my Locust. Iguana and Komodo Dragon

Hard-Suit 0957 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

(Sorry the gun isn't in focus, I had the worst experience trying to take a picture of this thing. I will be hosting a Hardsuit All-Stars Contest soon, so stay tuned!

lego heavy mech - Google Search

Inspired by MiloZ. I wanted to add functions to this one, and I did! The sub arms fold out, the back has an attachment to hold the minifig's gun as well. The entire thing is very posable and opens up to take out the fig easily.

lego mech suit instructions - Google Search

When it's cold outside and the battle is raging on, it's nice to have some of these on your side. Made specifically for low temperature conditions and proved itself helpful against pilots cold feet.