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an image of a man with feathers on his head and body, standing in front of a
Fantasy Character
Hanzo’s Nijijourney Showcase (AI)
a drawing of a man holding two swords and a fish on his back while standing in the water
Adaro- Solomon island myth: evil mermen that had horns that were the dorsal fins of sharks and had the saw of the saw shark coming out of their heads. They traveled in water spouts.
a digital painting of a woman with blue hair and feathers on her body, holding an object in one hand
an alien cat with pink hair and black eyes
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an image of a green alien character with multiple angles and body parts in various poses
a demonic creature with red eyes standing in the middle of a dark forest at night
Extraterrestrial Beings from AI
Extraterrestrial Beings from AI :: Behance
an alien creature with large legs and claws
Formian Worker Starfinder
an alien holding a beer in its hand
an illustration of a creature with long legs and claws
an anthropied man riding on the back of a horse with a spear in his hand
Twitter 上的 Waga