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jesus walking in the water with his arms outstretched
Jesus caminhando sobre as águas
jesus holding a chalice and surrounded by angels in the clouds with a candle on his left hand
a painting of jesus riding on a horse and surrounded by other people, including children
Santa Igreja Católica on Instagram: “🌿 Domingo de Ramos e da Paixão do Senhor 🌿 Com este domingo damos início à Semana Santa ou Grande Semana. Este domingo tem duas dimensões:…”
an artistic painting depicting the ascension of jesus
the crucifix is depicted in this painting
two men sitting on top of clouds in front of a cross and sun above them
an image of jesus holding two gold cups and a blue flower in front of him
La Caravana Espiritual ¡Avancen y sean libres! - El Morya
jesus holding the earth in his hands
an image of the virgin mary with her hands folded in prayer, surrounded by clouds
a man with long white hair and beard standing in front of clouds holding a lightning bolt
Zeus's Wisdom and Justice
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jesus and mary in the light of the world, with rays coming from behind them
Go out to all the world and tell the Good News. | Instagram
jesus sitting in a chair with his hands together and looking up at the sun above him
The Light Giver ✴️
jesus standing in the sky with his arms outstretched
jesus standing in the water with his arms outstretched
jesus holding a cross and walking in the desert
Апостоли Біблія Вифлеєм Відкупитель Віра духовність Євангеліє Ісус Христос Месія Милосердя мораль ортодоксальний Ортодоксія православний Православ'я релігійний лідер свята Свята Трійця Спаситель Спасіння традиції Християнство ортодоксальне Християнство православне Церква
an image of jesus and mary in the clouds with blue light coming from behind them
El Morya e Mirian
an image of a man with a beard in front of a star and sky background
a painting of a woman wearing a veil and headdress with a star on her forehead
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