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an alien is sitting in the cockpit of a space station looking out at the earth
an alien is working on a computer with the caption, humany pushed to the brink of extinition
an alien is sitting in the cockpit of a space station
an alien is holding a tablet in front of some other humanoids and space objects
an alien standing in front of some planets
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a digital painting of a cat wearing a necklace
an image of a white lion with gold on it's head and chest wearing armor
Human + Lion
a painting of a white cat with blue eyes and hood on it's head
an alien is staring at the camera in front of some space and stars with purple eyes
We come in Peace 💫👽🛸
✨ Há relatos de uma infinidade de raças alienígenas espalhadas pelo Universo. Afirma-se que esses seres visitam a Terra com o propósito de pesquisa, experimentação e interações com os humanos, muitas vezes através de abduções. Embora a existência real permaneça em aberto, na Cultura Popular e na Ufologia, existem descrições clássicas desses seres que continuam a alimentar nossa curiosidade sobre o desconhecido ✨ #ovni #alien #extraterrestrial #ufo #ufologia #ufology #zetareticulanos #greys
a painting of a man dressed in blue sitting on a chair with his hands clasped
Tarif Ibn Malik
a group of people in sci - fi outfits standing next to each other near a space station
a painting of a man in blue armor with a leopard on his chest and head
Tariq ibn Ziyad
an alien is standing in front of a dark background
The Antarians, Starseed