Long flowering honeysuckle - likes a bit of shade

Lonicera periclymenum 'Graham Thomas' AGM / RHS Gardening - side area near fence & bbq

This one smells beautiful - and looks good all year.

RHS Plant Selector Osmanthus × burkwoodii AGM / RHS Gardening righ hand border under tree

Clematis florida var. florida 'Sieboldiana'

Long flowering season from May to Aug and semi-evergreen foliage. To grow with early season 'Propertus'.

Lots of leaves, fragrant flowers up to 2.5 meters

RHS Plant Selector Rosa 'Constance Spry' (ClS) AGM / RHS Gardening - choice for wall of house beside road Purchase from David Austin at

Compact mock orange, very fragrant

mock orange (seringat) 'Manteau d'Hermine' - 'Manteau d'Hermine' is a compact small to high) deciduous shrub with relatively small ovate leaves and fragrant, double creamy-white flowers to in width, in small clusters in summer.

Fragrant flowers in late summer and autumn

Seven son flower tree Heptacodium miconioides

RHS Plant Selector Philadelphus coronarius 'Variegatus' (v) AGM / RHS Gardening

Evergreen, flowers April to Oct. Daphne x transatlantica [Eternal Fragrance] = 'Blafra' (PBR)

good one for easy summer flowers

good one for easy summer flowers

Flowers late summer - needs to be well drained

Flowers late summer - needs to be well drained