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an image of a collage with different things on it's sides and the words vixe above them
Estampa Brasilidades
a poster for an art exhibition with two rabbits on top of a table and the words formmado de oura - driven
an advertisement for the carnada food truck in california, with images of various foods and
El Gallego
El Gallego on Behance
a t - shirt that says temos coco
a poster with different types of food and words written in spanish on the side of it
an orange and black print on a white background that says al que deliciaa verao
a colorful building with potted plants painted on it
Uma casinha colorida
a house with potted plants on the outside
Paredes pintadas
the original poster for brasil 1932
Com dança no Pão de Açúcar, Havaianas estreia sua primeira campanha global
a chair with the words chee fia on it and some fruit around it
an image of a bunch of fruit and shoes on the cover of a magazine or book
havaiana azul e branco
an orange background with the words, que calor and a green fish on it
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