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BBC Two - Around Scotland, Scottish Wars of Independence: Story of Bruce, The death of John Comyn

The Taking of Stirling Bridge by Mike Shaw The taking of Stirling Bridge over the Forth by the Scots marks the point where the first great battle of the Scottish wars of independence was won. The heavily equipped English army, now divided into two, struggle to fight in the heavy ground of the river plain. In the centre the Scots Captain Wallace can be seen slaying treasurer Cressingham, while to the right lies a fatally wounded Sir Andrew de Moray.

I will be teaching my class about the Scottish Wars of Independence, including Bruce, Wallace, Bannockburn etc. inspired by my visit to the Battle of Bannockburn visitor centre in the summer, I have created a pretty accurate map of the battle site for Bannockburn, In Stirling! If you like it, I can message you how I did it