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Le chemin sombre. Couleur sombre, pleine lune, éclaire... Cette toile représente soit l'émotion de la peur ou de la tristesse.

Teaching Perspective Teacher sample MaryMaking: One-Point Perspective Spooky Landscapes - Oil pastel for trees, chalk pastels for everything else - done with children ages 6 - 9

Winter Artwork

Winter Artwork

I still need these.

Nothing could better describe a Thursday for me at work! Lol I would work a week of Mondays to keep from working on Thursdays!

Awwww! Wait..what?!!?!

Seymour, the cat. Lol totally not what I was expecting as I was scrolling down

This would be a cute wall display. Especially when it's not feasible to do those cute personalized classroom things since I teach 70 kids.

Love the unique decorations of these handprints! What a great "buddy" project to explore the idea of friendship in Judge Julie Truly. Each child will create on their level. They can take their handprints home.